Which BMW M Model will you choose?

November 8th, 2018 by

We here at Germain BMW of Naples understand that when you look for a performance vehicle, you want one that is set apart from the competition. You need the right set of features, technology, and design that matches your style.

Introducing the lineup of BMW M Models, these popular performance vehicles feature an advanced TwinTurbo engine. With up to 565 horsepower available under the hood, the engine cuts down on the weight by using fewer cylinders without sacrificing power. Other materials such as carbon fiber help to reduce the weight of your BMW M Model for increased agility.

When you're ready to take one of the M Models to the track, features such as the M Laptimer can help you monitor your driving. It can be used on courses to measure lap times and let you know when you're performing faster. You can connect your GoPro to record races to add an additional level to your performance.

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Source: Germain BMW blog

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