The BMW i Models Have Some Nice Selections

December 30th, 2018 by

The first selection out of the BMW i models is the i8 coupe, which also comes in sedan form. This vehicle comes in a standard orange or gray, and it is equipped with the highest level of navigation and other gadgets. What really makes the i8 model special is that both cars drive on electricity. There is also gas in case the driver wants to switch between the two.

Another BMW i model is the i3. This vehicle looks like a small box car. It has two doors and operates on pure energy. This vehicle comes in a standard sapphire.

All of the BMW i model vehicles are made from a professional architect who designs the bodies of the car out of aluminum. This allows the car to be extremely light, which means drivers can pick up the speed without losing control of the car.

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Source: Germain BMW blog

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