The Benefits of Using a Car Cover Regularly

January 31st, 2019 by

A car cover is a fantastic way to keep your car looking as new as possible. At Germain BMW of Naples we recommend covers to the community to combat the sun, weather, and scratches. You never know when you will see a ding or scratch that you could've prevented by covering your vehicle!

The sun does a lot of damage to vehicles. It fades paint, seats and can crack your dash or rubber trim. While you can't combat all UV rays, covering your vehicle when you aren't using it will help. When the weather is harsh, a cover may limit the damage to your vehicle.

Animals and people can damage your car as well. Animals can crawl on your vehicle and leave droppings. If these aren't cleaned, they can wear down or discolor your paint over time. People can pass by your vehicle on scooters or bicycles and leave small scratches that a cover may prevent.

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Source: Germain BMW blog

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