Is the Braking System on the BMW i8 Effective?

April 20th, 2019 by

Most drivers are accustomed to the imbalance of brakes that combine a solid disc brake system up front and a drum brake system in the rear. When such systems are used, the possibility of brake locking increases. When you combine that with the incredible acceleration power of the BMW i8, the dangers are self-evident. BMW engineers, noting this problem, added disc brakes to all four wheels in the BMW i8 that are internally vented to reduce heat accumulation.

With the internally ventilated disc brake comes the anti-locking system and the regenerative power system that sends excess power back to the battery. With an internally ventilated disc system, the reaction time to the anti-lock signals from the computer decreases.

The braking system in a BMW i8 is an instant answer to danger whether in Naples or out in the country. At Germain BMW of Naples we inspect the brake system during every service.

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Source: Germain BMW blog

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