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Our Favorite New & Pre-Owned BMW Models


Like Julie Andrews, we at Germain BMW of Naples like to sing from the hilltops when a certain BMW model deserves praise. With every model year comes excellence, but it’d be a lie if we listed them all as favorites. As a new and used BMW dealer in the Fort Myers area, we live and breathe for the iconic emblem, so narrowing down the list of favorites was difficult. Would the newest 7-Series BMW…

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The BMW i3 is Perfect for Local Driving

As much as we all love traveling and road trips, there are often long stretches of time where you're really only getting around the local area. If that's what you're up to with a busy commuting schedule, consider the new 2015 BMW i3, an EV with enough range to get you around on a daily basis in between charges.


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BMW Knows what Great Weekends are Made Of

That's because they design cars that are specifically built for drivers like you to enjoy during your fun-filled weekends. For this weekend and all your future time off, head on over to our Naples, FL BMW dealership to enjoy the ultimate driving experience. We think the new 2015 BMW M4 will do just fine to make sure you never have a disappointing weekend.


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Spend a Virtual Day at the BMW Museum

Trips to the museum can be a lot of fun, don't let anyone fool you. Art is cool, especially when the art is years and years of automotive history. We're talking about the BMW Museum in Munich. While many of us in Naples, FL aren't planning a trip there any time soon, we can still take a virtual tour.

The video above is 25 minutes of awesome. It shows so many cool…

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BMW Gets Ready for the Big Game

Less than a week away from the biggest sporting event and the biggest day in advertising, and you're probably starting to get prepared for your big party or a night out at your favorite spot to watch football. Here at our Naples, FL dealership, we're gearing up for the Super Bowl with this hilarious ad for the new 2014 BMW i3, a luxury electric car that's changing the game. Press play to…

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BMW M5 Celebrates 30th Birthday with Drifting Fun

Did you know that this year marks the BMW M5's 30th birthday? To celebrate this stylish model's milestone, the BMW brand has a built a special edition model and has leveled it as the most powerful M5 yet. To prove the car's powerful proficiency, the Bavarian automaker took it to the track for some drifting exercise. See this for yourself by viewing the video clip of the M5 in action below.


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Vintage-Inspired BMW Bikes Have Both Beauty and Brains

If you're a fan of motorcycles (how can you not be in Naples, FL?), husband and wife Larry and Carol Romestant are about to make you BMW fans as well.

A former aerospace engineer, Larry blends parts from many different BMW bikes (his passion) to create one cohesive, unique ride -- a modern marvel with a vintage visage. As you can imagine, Jay Leno was love-struck when he laid eyes on these beauties, so he…

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Everybody Will Respect the BMW X5

Everybody should be equally respectful of one another out on the road, but we here at our Naples, FL can understand this commercial that shows a few instances of the all-new 2014 BMW X5 getting some special treatment. That's what happens with a vehicle this impressive looking and as capable as the new SUV. Check out the commercial right here.

If you're either taking the new X5 out across the country or simply…

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History of BMW Models Highlighted in New Video

The BMW brand is one that has been around for a while. In fact, new BMW models have been produced for the past ten decades, and to celebrate this fact alongside of their long legacy of producing quality, innovative, unique, dynamic and stylish models, the Bavarian automaker has released a new video. In this sixty second video (found below), BMW showcases some of their most famous models throughout the years, thus showing the progress of…

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BMW Implementing the Future of Wheels

Manufacturers are looking for more and more ways to improve their models and trim weight in order to help with fuel efficiency, and we here at our Naples, FL dealership are very pleased to hear some exciting news out of BMW.

As part of an international media event, BMW is touting its Efficient Dynamics program that encompasses all aspects of design. You can see the initial steps of efficiency in our stellar lineup of new…

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