Innovative, Intuitive and Ingenuius: The BMW X3

The new BMW X3 represents automotive innovation to the highest degree. The vehicle's ingenuity is top-notch, and it offers intuitive components to create a more exhilarating driving experience. With multiple exterior paints to choose from and customization ability, consumers can build the perfect X3 of their dreams.

The new BMW X3 will come with heated/ventilated-front seats, configurable rear seats and an abundance of storage space. In total, vehicle enthusiasts can receive as much as 62.7 cubic-feet of cargo space. Though this sport-activity vehicle is of a compact size, there's still plenty of legroom as well as plenty of headroom. The premium sound system produces an immersive listening experience that's concert-like, and you'll be seated on premium leather. The SAV's steering wheel is finely stitched as well as wrapped in subtle leather.

Our reps are here for you so come in today and speak openly about this wonderful sport-activity vehicle.


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