Genuine BMW Parts Cost More But They Last Longer

Here at Germain BMW of Naples, we occasionally have a customer or two who want to get their parts elsewhere when they have their car in for maintenance. Sometimes they will bring an aftermarket part along, swearing that the problem is because of a defective part of the same variety.

Many times, however, the problem is not the part itself, but it could be a loose connection or a malfunction somewhere else. Our technicians are the best trained in the world for the brand and model of car that the customer brings in. They work on only one brand. Aftermarket parts are generally cheaper for a reason, they don't last as long because they are not made as stringently as a factory authorized parts.

So take a tip from those who know, saving a couple of bucks on a cheaper part may cost you a lot later on. It is a fact that the less you have your car in the shop, the less you will spend on maintenance.
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