Dashboard Warning Lights: Keeping You Safe

You're driving along, and your car's dashboard suddenly lights up with a warning symbol. What do you do? Ignore it? Pull over? Keep going until the nearest service station? That would depend on which warning light it is and what it means to your car. Since you can't get out the owner's manual while driving, Germain BMW of Naples is providing you this information to read ahead of time. It may just save your life.

The most important warning signs and their meanings are listed below:
  • Circle With an Exclamation Point: Brake system/brake fluid warning light: Proceed with caution to the next service facility, know where the emergency brake is and stop if you feel the brakes not functioning in any way.
  • Engine Symbol: ECU/engine warning. This could be any number of things from a faulty sensor or a lack of power. Have this checked out at your first opportunity.
  • Person Seated With Ball in Lap: Airbag warning. The airbag may not go off in the case of an accident, get this checked out as soon as possible.
  • Steering Wheel With Exclamation Point: Power steering warning. Something could be wrong with the power steering system, be aware that your steering, although it will still work, will be stiff and more difficult to handle.
  • Rectangular Box With Dots Inside: Diesel filter warning. On a diesel vehicle, the harmful exhaust soot is not being filtered out. This could also damage your engine.
  • Upside Down Thermometer on Wavy Lines: Coolant warning. Be very careful your car does not overheat.
  • Oil Can: Oil warning. Time to check the oil!
  • U-shape With Flat Bottom and Exclamation Point: Tire pressure warning. Pull over and check for a flat. If they look ok, get to the nearest station and check the pressure.
  • Rectangle With (-) and (+) Symbol Inside: Battery charge warning. Your car may not start the next time. Get it recharged or replaced ASAP.

Our professionals at Germain BMW of Naples will be glad to help you with your warning light concerns. Please feel free to call us with your questions. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to servicing all of your needs, both today and for many years to come.
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