Vintage-Inspired BMW Bikes Have Both Beauty and Brains

If you're a fan of motorcycles (how can you not be in Naples, FL?), husband and wife Larry and Carol Romestant are about to make you BMW fans as well.

A former aerospace engineer, Larry blends parts from many different BMW bikes (his passion) to create one cohesive, unique ride -- a modern marvel with a vintage visage. As you can imagine, Jay Leno was love-struck when he laid eyes on these beauties, so he invited the Romestants on his show for an in-depth look at these collage homages to '50s and '60s models.

These bikes bear the BMW nameplate, but they're certainly Italian-inspired. Every bike is independently designed and produced by Larry and Carol in their townhouse garage, and the craftsmanship is impeccable.

Meet the masterminds behind these German-Italian fusions and listen as Jay talks us through his ride on his favorite Romestant creation:

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