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    Green With Envy And The i3

    So you've brought home the long coveted BMW i3. Now what?

    BMW has your back, because after the release of the i3, they began work on the i 360 program to ensure customers feel at home in their vehicles. Basically this program is designed to offer peace of mind while traveling by giving its drivers the chance to know exactly where charging stations are. This is their way of ensuring the power stays in…

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    New BMW i8 Video Puts us In the Mood

    If there's one thing we enjoy almost as much as the style and dynamic looks of our new BMW lineup, its mood films. To us, it?s the perfect way of blending visual art with the emotion of music and lighting. With the revitalization of the BMW films division, we've been excited to see what our preferred automaker brings to the table.

    Luckily, we haven't been disappointed. Recently, the Bavarian luxury brand…

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    The BMW 7 Series to Offer Even more Luxury to Naples Drivers

    The BMW 7 Series is the boss, the head honcho, aka, our flagship. And while that means that it features the best of the best in terms of performance, style, and technology, it also means that it's the model that our brand uses to raise the bar even higher with each new generation.

    The 7 Series that you'll currently find in our Naples, FL showroom lives up to its lofty position. Even still…

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    Holiday Recipes from Germain BMW

    As much as we love the holiday season, preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas can get overwhelming. From buying gifts to decorating to getting your home ready for guests, there's barely enough time to plan your five-star holiday meal. Thankfully, there are quick ways to prepare a delightful meal that won't seem like you took any shortcuts. Here are two of our favorite recipes for the holiday season that are easy to make, not to mention delicious:

    Herb-Glazed Roasted Turkey
    The holiday season means Turkey time for most Americans. This herb-glazed roasted turkey recipe is sure to earn raves…
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    BMW M4 Wins a Guinness World Record

    The pursuit of a Guinness World Record has inspired people to take on some pretty wacky challenges over the years. From the largest mohawk to the biggest sushi mosaic, folks have pretty much learned that if they can come up with a concept, Guinness will show up and record it.

    The BMW M4 recently added its name to the list of record-holders when it completed ten donuts in a minute. That doesn't sound so…

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    BMW X5 Concept is Capable of Emissions-Free Driving

    Very interesting video to share here as our automaker has a new, conceptual X5 model, which while there are no official plans to add it to the BMW new model lineup yet, is plenty exciting nonetheless. And that is because the concept X5 model is a plug-in hybrid, capable of emisions-free driving. Have a look.

    Isn?t that impressive? This Concept X5 eDrive model uses a number of advanced driving systems to create these amazing…

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    BMW Shows Off Amazing Concept in New Video

    While there are no official plans to add this model to the BMW model lineup just yet, after having a look at the video below, you just may be hoping for exactly that. Have a look at the conceptual BMW X5 eDrive SAV model.

    Isn?t that impressive? The Concept X5 eDrive combines a number of advanced systems to create that type of emissions-free driving experience. The model is the first to combine the XDrive…

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    The BMW 327: A Timeless Classic

    Our last blog post showcased the classic BMW 507 boat which was restored from great disrepair. Today, another classic beauty is worth talking about. The BMW 327 is greatly coveted, and takes Throwback Thursday to another level. Take a look.

    Built in 1937, this beauty is definitely a sight. While we don't have any of those on hand, we do have others to take for a test drive, such as the the BMW 328i…

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    The BMW 507 is Back!

    It may seem like a dream, but this is indeed a reality. Felipe Garcia heard tales of a BMW 507 boat and went in search for it. When he found it, the boat was in great disrepair but he vowed to get it to its former glory once again. The result of his hard work and dedication is astonishing and typical of BMW enthusiasts. Watch the incredible story below.

    While most of us don't…

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    GoPro Teams Up wtih BMW

    As if driving any new BMW model from our New BMW Inventory at Germain BMW of Naples wasn't already fun, BMW has teamed up with GoPro to turn your daily commutes into adventures.

    Sounds almost too good to be true, right? Well, let us explain and show you this video and maybe we'll turn you into a believer. It's simple - connect your GoPro with your BMW M4 or BMW M3 infotainment system…

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