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    Born to Be a Star: 2015 BMW X4

    It's Friday in the summertime, and while droves of people head to the theater to catch the latest blockbuster, we at Germain BMW of Naples are excited to bring you a small-screen debut of our own.  It features the most recent addition to our family: the 2015 BMW X4.  We're feeling like proud parents today; in its first lead role, the X4 knocked it out of the park.

    Featuring dynamic, compelling narration and?

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    BMW Releases 2015 X6 Launch Film

    Not only are BMW quite good at creating diverse and customizable luxury autos, but they're quite good at coming up with innovative and nifty ad campaigns. So far this year, there have been quite a few good ones--such as the one where a young boy uses the i3's silence to stealthily sneak out and meet his girlfriend. Now, a pretty epic one for the 2015 X6 has surfaced.

    In the latest spot, we…

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    BMW X3 Amazing in its Versatility: New Video

    While there truly is a model for every type of driver found within the always amazing 2014 BMW new model lineup available here at Germain BMW of Naples in Naples, FL, the all new BMW X3 model is quite possibly the most versatile, and well-rounded model within the lineup. The new model is highly capable of transporting the entire family and all of their things as well, for a weekend at the beach or in…

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    New Laserlight Technology Featured in BMW i8

    Already one of the most innovative models found within the truly amazing 2014 BMW new model lineup available here at our Naples, FL BMW dealership, the BMW i8 features another innovative system within its construction beyond its all-electric powertrain, and that is the laser light headlight system. The model's new laser powered headlights not only look amazing, and bring the iconic BMW front and tail ends into the next generation of style, but they…

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    Feast your eyes upon the BMW Vision Gran Turismo

    All it takes is a stroll through our showroom to see that the engineers at our favorite automaker have been pulling out all the stops as of late.  Oh yes, the future is most definitely nigh and we here at Germain BMW of Naples have been loving every minute. And now that BMW has branched out from the physical realm and made their mark on the world of virtual reality, one can hardly blame us for all the time we've spent gaming.

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    BMW X5 Stars in New Indie Movie Alongside Actor Tom Hardy

    Here at Germain BMW of Naples, we recently learned that the 2014 BMW X5 has become one of Hollywood's newest movie stars. Just last week a new independent film was released in select theaters across the U.S. and the entire thing was filmed inside a new X5 SAV.

    The film is called Locke, and stars Tom Hardy whose fame skyrocketed after playing Bane in the latest Batman movie. Directed by Steven Knight, the…

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    James Blunt Extols the New BMW 4 Series Convertible

    Recently James Blunt came here to Florida to shoot a music video for his song "Postcards."  In this video he cruised the streets with a few gorgeous ladies soaking in the sunshine and fresh air, and he did so in his favorite drop top: the BMW 4 series convertible.

    Blunt first saw our new convertible one fateful day at an airport, and he immediately called his manager saying he just had to have a model...

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    2014 BMW Models Feature Connected Drive Technology

    Exciting news to report here today on our 2014 BMW new model lineup, available here at our Naples, FL showroom. Because while the models are incredibly well known (and rightfully so) for their amazing exterior styling that is expertly combined with world-class automotive performance, there is yet another aspect on the new BMW models that makes them world-class as well, and that is the truly amazing Connected Drive BMW technology, one of the most advanced…

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