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    Accept your Mission to Drive in Naples, FL

    This is your mission, should you choose to accept it: test drive the Ultimate Driving Machine at Germain BMW of Naples.  Sounds easy enough, doesn't it?  Escape in style, turn heads and take on whatever obstacles that lie in your path.  It's all possible with a new, pre-owned or Certified Pre-Owned BMW in Naples, FL.  Check out the video below to feel the energy.


    Are you prepared to accept your mission?  Be sure…

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    BMW X1 Provides Compact Crossover Versatility

    People want both luxury and versatility, and with our collection of crossovers and SUVs here at Germain BMW of Naples, you can have it. If it's compact, plus those aforementioned criteria, the all-new BMW X1 is the vehicle for you.

    Small and efficient, but with a lot of performance and luxury that we've come to expect on new BMW models. The BMW X1 features high end style, plus the latest technology features, and…

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    Nine Exciting Summer Road Trips in South Florida

    The South Florida lifestyle is the envy of most of the rest of the country. Broad sandy beaches, refreshing Gulfside breezes, expansive wilderness areas, spectacular sunsets, and five-star resorts are just some of the many reasons why vacationers flock to our area.   As your preferred BMW dealership in Naples, Florida, we here at Germain BMW of Naples appreciate just how fortunate we are to call the greater Naples/Ft. Myers area home. But even for those of us who live and work here in beauti
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    2016 BMW X3: A New Class of “Sport Activity Vehicle”

    The BMW X Series of sport activity vehicles (SAV®) throws the traditional SUV playbook out the window; creating a fresh-from-the-ground-up collection of supremely versatile sports-minded vehicles which offer a new dimension of performance, luxury, and undeniable fun.

    Take the new 2016 BMW X3. It's every bit a BMW, offering an agile and spirited driving experience combined with outstanding versatility and luxurious appointments. With ruggedly handsome looks and a go-anywhere attitude, the surefooted 2016 BMW X3 is ready to convey you down the road less traveled - not to mention to the hottest nightspots or the kids' soccer games - in refined…
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    BMW's Remarkable Performance Sedan: The 2015 BMW M5

    There are some cars that require no introduction. The 2015 BMW M5 just so happens to be one of those cars. Rather than read a slew of specs, simply get behind the wheel, start her up and enjoy the thrill of a customizable driving experience, a lavishly styled interior and a state-of-the-art technology. To learn more about the BMW M5, take a moment to watch the video below:

    Naturally, in its 30 years of production…

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    Best Summer Wedding Getaway Convertibles from Germain BMW

    June is traditionally one of the biggest months for brides and grooms tie the knot. If summer wedding bells are in your immediate future, a new 2015 BMW convertible from Germain BMW, your BMW dealer in Naples, Florida, is the perfect summer wedding getaway car.

    Imagine the exhilarating feeling both of you will feel as you set off for your romantic honeymoon destination in a magnificent new 2015 BMW convertible with the top down, the sun on your shoulders, and the brisk ocean breeze caressing your hair. And there's nothing quite like commanding the road ahead in your new…
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    Hooked on the Treasure Hunt: A Secret BMW Collector

    For the Secret BMW Collector, certain vehicles conjure up a feeling of nostalgia, a particular moment in time, even.  That's the difference between the spirit of the Ultimate Driving Machine versus any other luxury car brand.  BMW offers an entire experience, rather than just a ride.  And for this enthusiast, the memories that correspond to each of his vehicles are all that he needs to fuel his passions.  It's not about recognition or…

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Drive a BMW Convertible

    Summer is just around the corner, and we’re ready to leap into a BMW convertible. The open air experience can’t be beat, and we’re ready to prove it. Here are five reasons a convertible is right for you.

    1. A convertible means options
    Even on the sunniest day, a gloomy mood can reach you. Driving a BMW convertible doesn’t mean you’re open to the world every time you drive. It…
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    Member of the Elite

    BMW has long been known for producing elite cars that generate a lot of buzz before quickly selling out. While Germain BMW may never hold one of these models in our showroom, it's great to see how BMW appeals to fans with specialized models. Here are two examples of elite models that we would love to see hit the asphalt in Florida. 

    BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

    The latest from BMW was created after. . .
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    Ready, set, gone: the BMW 6 Series takes over at Germain BMW of Naples

    Ready. Set. Gone. Allow us to introduce the all-new BMW 6 Series. Warning: you may be speechless following the video below. Some manage to only say "woah." This is normal.

    Yes, this is the effect the BMW 6 Series continues to have on us at Germain BMW of Naples. It's normal to feel a little out of breath when in the presence of this great series in our new BMW models, and when we…

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